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Services-Your Sub Title Here



Blanche offers you perms, waves , curls, straightening services, styling services, cutting services, coloring services, tinting services, hair washing services, hair foaming, dandruff treatment and highlighting services to help you make your hair look its best. Our stylists will study your hair, its color and texture, your facial structure, and your lifestyle before suggesting a hairstyle for you. This ensures that you can look your best with a minimal of bad hair days. Our rates vary depending on the experience of the stylist whose services you choose to utilize.

Today's groom cares for and is expected to care for his appearance. Gone are the days when rugged men with basic grooming skills were considered handsome. Grooms today have to turn up well-groomed for their weddings, as expectations have risen. Make sure you look stunningly handsome all the time with our help.

Whether you’re looking for threading, waxing, tweezing, tinting or microblading, this is the best place to get your eyebrows done.

Our expertiesed beautician will counsel you on what will be most appropriate for the event and apply just the right amount of lipstick, foundation and mascara.

Everything you need for softer, smoother hands you can find it here. Let our manicurists to trim, shape and polish your nails while enjoying a soothing hand treatment.

At Blanche we do not belive in just stocking the products. Our hair care and skin car especialist will advice you on the products you should use for your profile. Besides, they will offer you suggestions on how to use these producuts.
Our hair care range includes shampoos and conditioners for all the vaieties of hair types such as dry hair and oily hair.  We strongly belive in Oribe, R+Co and Depot, but we have many more to offer. 
Come and discover all the products we have!